Configuring your Windows server for the first time Configuring your Windows server for the first time Step 3: Modify Windows Firewall. Once the setup is complete and you have signed in, go to Administrative Tools, then Windows Firewall with advanced security.

Windows® Press Windows+R Type Firewall.cpl into the run prompt, then press Enter.; Click Restore Defaults from the menu on the left.; Click the button to Restore Defaults Click Yes to confirm the prompt; The next time you use an application which would be blocked by Windows firewall, you should receive a prompt to allow the program through the firewall. How to Configure the Windows Server 2012 R2 Firewall Firewall Settings Management. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is a host-based firewall included with Windows Server 2012 and enabled by default on all SecureAuth IdP appliances. Firewall settings within Windows Server 2012 are managed from within the Windows Firewall MMC (Microsoft Management Console). Do the following to review and Turn Microsoft® Defender Firewall on or off May 14, 2020

Configuring AV and firewall for scanning Applies to: Inventory. Anti-virus programs and firewalls installed on Windows devices you are trying to scan can block most or all of the communication to and from the server where you installed Spiceworks. As a result, Spiceworks may be unable to properly communicate with and scan devices on your network.

May 03, 2013

Automatically diagnose and fix problems with Windows Firewall

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