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Throttling. : VPN - reddit I also got a gigabit connection and I get around 150-450 Mbps depending on the server of the VPN. also I believe the network adapter that is being used commonly (TAP adapter) is a bottleneck, if you want more speed and are confident the VPN servers can handle it I'd look into a PfSense setup. btw here is a speedtest from my VPN (TAP) a minute How Can I Tell If My Internet Is Being Throttled by My ISP

A VPN is an excellent choice for blocking your ISP from throttling your traffic, especially P2P/Torrenting traffic. A good VPN encrypts the data you are sending and receiving, directing it through a protected tunnel. Your ISP will be able to see that you’re sending and receiving data, but it won’t be able to tell what kind of traffic it is.

Apr 13, 2020 Solved: VPN Cyberghost throttling - Virgin Media Community Re: VPN Cyberghost throttling on ‎10-06-2019 21:37 VM don't operate any throttling or traffic management as per their published traffic management policy, whatever is causing the speed issue isn't a deliberate thing. How To Test If Your ISP Is Throttling Your Internet Speed Jan 30, 2019