Sync your Windows phone and PC with your Microsoft account

How do I create an account? - Help Center - Windows Phone In addition to creating an account for this site (and its associated meta-discussion site), you will also have a Stack Exchange network profile, which is accessible from your user page on any site where you have an account. This means that if you create an account on any other Stack Exchange site, it will be linked to your account here. Backup Windows 10 Mobile Phones - Create and Manage Oct 13, 2016 Windows Phone - Microsoft Account - Verizon Community The only point of my post is to let people know about Windows Phone's inability to change Microsoft accounts without resetting the phone (which wipes out apps and files). iPhones do the same thing on a reset. Resets take the phone back to the point (setup-wise) you started when you did the initial setup.

Just sign in and go. Access your favorite Microsoft products and services with just one login. From Office and Windows to Xbox and Skype, one username and password connects you to the files, photos, people, and content you care about most.

Make sure you verified your Windows Account when you set it up on the phone. Then go to begin the installation process again. Then go to begin the installation process again. If you still see My Family appearing you can set that up with the Microsoft website . Dec 07, 2014 · Nokia Lumia Hard Reset 535, 430, 435, 532, 540, 550, 640, 950, 1030 - Factory Reset Window Phone - Duration: 2:21. ZFix 165,197 views

Apr 02, 2017

Aug 01, 2018 · Click the “Create One” link to get started making a new one. Note: Microsoft will also suggest using the same email (the one you tested) to create your account with. If you prefer to use another email, then hit Back in your browser, and click the “Create One” link again. On the Create Account page, you have a couple of options.