SegWit2X and the Case for Strong Replay Protection (And

In a recent Coinbase blog post written by their very own engineer, Breck Stodghill, the need for replay protection – especially during a hard fork – was explained. In particular, Coinbase has implemented replay protection through what they refer to as, “dust mixing”. This was supposedly done because the firm trusts that it will help protect customer funds from potential replay attacks. What is anti-replay protocol? - Definition from anti-replay protocol: The anti-replay protocol is part of the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) Internet Protocol Security ( IPSec ) standard. Anti-replay ensures IP packet -level security by making it impossible for a hacker to intercept message packets and insert changed packets into the data stream between a source computer and a Edge | How to Claim Your BSV With Replay Protection - Edge Replay protection was not added at the protocol level of the BCH-BSV chain-split but we were able to implement replay protection for Edge users which prevents funds from one chain from being spent on another. If you hold BCH and don’t have an Edge Wallet, that’s ok,

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Replay protection. The method below does not provide replay protection. Because the BSV fork lacks replay protection, you may risk losing your BCH when you use Electrum SV without splitting first. You should find a method to split your BSV from BCH before proceeding to use Electrum SV with the instructions below.

No2x: No Replay Protection. On the night of March 11th

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